New! PolarStar Fusion Engine Vesion 2 Gen 3

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With all these new fusion engines coming and with all the positive player response, it's not doubt PolarStar wanted to bring this technology to more versions of airsoft guns out there on the market. Introducing the third generation of version II fusion engines!

PolarStar has modified the Gen2 fusion engine to adapt to a MP5, G3, and a SCAR. This makes it possible to install this system without any major modifications.

The FEV2 GEN3comes with a M4/M16 series trigger and selector plate so it can be installed into your conventional M4/M16 however, with an interchangable air nozzle you will be able to utilize the FE into guns like the SCAR.

Other features include a redesigned Milsim Manifold. This specific feature allows the user to install an optional 90 deg. fitting inside of the engine to allow the air line to be routed to the rear and exit through the buffer tube.

With these new releases and along with other compenents, you can adapt your fusion engine into the gun of your choice!

Fusion Engine Version II GEN3 Nozzle release dates:

MP5/G3 (blue & red) - Week of Feb 15th

SCAR-H (blue & red) - Week of Feb 22nd


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