MindGame Productions and Tactical MilSim Magazine Announce the US Tactical Combatives Association

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Creation date February 07, 2013
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MindGame Productions (“MGP”) is proud to announce a new, joint partnership with TacSim Media Group (TMG) to create a national military simulation (“milsim”) competition league, named the United States Tactical Combatives Association (“TCA”).

TCA’s mission will be to honor and foster the warrior mindset, and those men and women serving in the defense of the United States, through the sport of military and tactical simulation events, competitions, education, and training.

Their first event will be Operation: Varsity, incorporating the first mass-exit static line airborne jump ever in a milsim event, in Dunnellon, Florida, on March 16, 2013.

TacSim Media Group is the publisher of Tactical MilSim Magazine, one of the foremost publications in the reporting on military and law enforcement training, defense technology, tactics, techniques, procedures, and best practices (“lessons-learned”) from the battlefield and the training grounds. Their staff includes such industry experts as Paul Pawela, Mark Anderson, Dalton Fury and “Mad Max” Mullen.

MGP is one of the largest and oldest recreational military simulation event organizers on the east-coast, also providing personnel, consultation and support to commercial films, as well as training support to the military and first responders.

Their websites can be found at www.us-tca.com, www.mindgame-productions.com, and www.tacticalmilsim.com.


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