Amerika For The Win! Mind Game Productions Hosts Amerika 3

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Rebel Forces Edge out German Occupational Force in Mind Game Production’s Amerika 3 Held At Wanye’s World of Paintball in Ocala, Florida.

Mind Game Productions (MGP) hosted their 3rd installment of Amerika, a fictional storyline set in modern times. The Amerika campaign works of the premise that The Allies did NOT win World War II, and in fact German Forces invaded the US.

The German Forces, accompanied by a small armored unit from Mexico, faced off against the reminence of the US Military, civilian resistance forces, and a few hired guns. Friday night’s game was only attended by a few, however it proved crucial for the US, as they were able to secure vital weapons for the resistance force for the next days operations.

Saturday came with the introduction of the Mexican’s most valuable contribution to the Axies Forces: A Tank. Not to be out done, the US Military had an ace up their sleeves, and on the “river” the Axies Forces were forced to deal with the US Special Forces known as the Holy Cowz of Stampede Airsoft.

Members of Stampede found themselves behind enemy lines with the Amerikan Governer’s girlfriend. They were able to rush a check point and overwhlemed the small contengent manning it and quickly linking up with the main body of US Resistance forces in sinker town.

The SS had their own mountain to climb, so to speak, as the Governer’s plane was shot down deep in resistance held woods. They were able to sneak past resistance forces that had their sights set on linking up with the Spec Forces that held his girlfriend.

In all, Amerika 3 proved to be one of the most balanced and hard fought battles in the campaign series, however, the US Forces are still down in the series with the German’s leading 2-1.


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