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The Gemini Concept

Gemini is a project based off the idea that two units of the same team can work together both detached and combined with the rest of the unit. This entails that even as acting members of the unit they take there directives and only there directives as given. This should by all means create a full functioning team of pairs. Each of these pairs will know the full mission and objective's but concentrate specifically on there pair and there goal all while keeping the rest of the team members in mind. These pairs will be comprised of two highly trained members of the same team. There will be no rank structure to give players at high moral at all times. These pairs will pick or be assigned there training and operating partner and learn to work with them and use them as an extension of the body and mind essentially giving them elite combat capabilities. These pairs will also work with the other pairs in Gemini. All members of Gemini will have partners to both operate and train with in addition there will be a balance of skills between these partners and a balance of weapon usage. What one member of a pair doesn't have the other one will making them a complete together and still almost as complete apart. These pairs will be loyal to Gemini and follow there plans and directives to the letter to make sure not to let another acting pair fall into a hole. In addition these pairs may work alongside another pair or as a hole unit in Gemini decided by all members before the mission. It will be the responsibility of all members of Gemini to choose there mission objectives and who will follow what directives. Not one pair of Gemini will ever be given an "unfair" directive or a last option because they will all have an equal part in choosing what happens on the team.


Each acting Pair of Gemini will have a code name for referral over communication. Each pair will be given a number from 1-9 given there are 9 pairs. Pair 1 will be called Gemini 1 pair 2 will be Gemini 2 pair 3 will be called gemini 3 and so on and so fourth. As each pair is equal they wont vary in common skill but rather in rare skill sets that will be taken into consideration when choosing which pair is best suited for which objective. In example a pair of SAW gunners will not be the best choice for scout missions and snipers wont use frontal assault tactics. Each member of Gemini as a single unit will be taught a common ground to share with one another. Afterwards they will train with there partner with the rest of the pairs. It is your responsibility to get to know your partner in Gemini Tactical and your responsibility to hone your skills together during training.

Rank Structure

As I said before there will not be any rank in Gemini. However there will be a creating member who oversees operations and organizes events along with moderates our website and makes final decisions regarding Gemini specifically and not so much the directives and objectives of the missions at hand. However as senior and creator of the team this acting member will also set team goals along with required events and make gear requirements with prospective from the rest of the pairs. This leading member will act on a fair bases and will not over use his position of power in any means, In other word he can as well as any member be outvoted when taking votes.

Requirements For Gemini Tactical

There are several requirements for Gemini Tactical, some of them being Gear other requirements being event's Most of which is summarized in the paragraph's below.

As far as required event's you as a member of Gemini Tactical are required to show up to at least one airsoft game a month at your local field. Other required event's will be training when you with the rest of the Gemini Operators decide training event's will be scheduled they will be mandatory , and lastly operations at your local fields will be required as decided by You and the other Gemini Operators.

Gear requirements which are specified in the "Team Requirement's and Loadout's" board in the category of "Gemini Tactical" Will have a minimum of all your assault gear such as combat boot's, vest, goggles, gun's(with exceptions made for those who communicate with Jahkul), and fatigues withing 6 month's of joining the team. Failure to acquire your required loadout within great reason will get you expelled from Gemini Tactical until further notice and in some case's permanently. All loadouts should be submitted by PM to Jahkul to make sure you are meeting the guidelines of uniformity for a Gemini Operator. All Loadout's are kept uniform on Gemini tactical to give our team a sense to uniformity and to create a well known look for us withing our community. Any and all questions for your loadout should be referred to either Jahkul, Predator or the "Gemini Tactical" category in the "Team Requirements and Loadout's" section on our forums.


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