Operation Atlantic Assault kicks off First Airsoft Event for TCSPTC

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January 21, 2012 – Ft. Pierce, Fl It was a particular cold morning, even by Florida standards, but by 0700 hours there was already a large line forming at the chrono/registration station. 100 airsofters from Miami to Palm Coast had signed up for Tennessee Airsoft Shop's first event in Florida, Operation Atlantic Assault.

Two teams of 50 players were formed into the Foreign Control Regime (green camo) and the Allied Freedom Forces (tan camo). The objective? Oil. Both sides fought to control the city of Atlantic, while the Atlantican Self Defense Force (black&tan administration players) played the wild card, switching sides whenever the objective suited them.

The day started with an introduction to the new AO and some pumped up speeches from each team's commander to their troops. Tan was loaded up into a troop carrier ( aka deuce) and transported to their spawn at the far east of the AO while the green set up shop just south of the air field. A horn blared and the first game of the day was on.

Green quickly charged across the airfield and took strategic positions all around the city, mixing uneasily with the ASDF. Tan had a treacherous hike through tall grass, and finding themselves under constant gorilla attacks from green's forward recon squads. Once tan made it to the perimeter of the city, they were forced to cross a river using only metal extension ladders. From their they were forced to cross an open field, with only waist high dragon's teeth to provide cover. Once tan reached the city, a 2 ½ hour battle ensued and by lunch break, tan had broke the cities perimeter, entering the kill house and the south side of the condo building.

Following lunch, tan took the heavily contested fire tower and attempted to move into the mout city. Several times they attempted to cross main street and were pushed back to the towers. In the final hour, green consolidated their forces surrounding the airfield in order to secure the valuable targets protecting it. Again, tan attempted several times to rush green's protected targets and were pushed back until finally tan's CO was captured. This however, did not deter tan, and when the dust was settled, tan prevailed in securing the city, the airfield and winning the day.

Something unique to mention, is the player card system that Tennessee Airsoft Shop introduced for this operation. Each member was given a colored card that coincided with their team's color. IE. A member on the green team was given a green card with a number on it. When this player was “hit”, a tan member could retrieve this card as long as the player did not “bleed out”. Tan players could only retrieve green cards, and could not “reclaim” tan cards that this player may have earned from other tan players. This was a great idea, and can be expanded further by assigning higher value cards to higher value targets (CO, Sniper, intelligence officer).

In all, this was a highly successful operation, featuring an exciting new AO that offers many different features not found in any Florida AO. The game play was exciting and intense, and in the end, it didn't matter who won or lost. For videos/pictures and more information on Operation Atlantic Assault go to


Pictures feature in this article are used with the permission of the UN Chick. You can find her at


Video at:

Green Teams:
Dropkick Mercenaries
High Risk Operators
Vero Airsoft

Tan Teams:
Spectre VI
St. Luice Pathfinders


SouthPoleAirsoft so cool, i go to tennessee airsoft shop alll the time! wish we could of been there!

6 years ago

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