NEW! Rifle Dynamics AK700 by Echo1 - Available Now

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Greetings Airsofters!

We are happy to announce the arrival of the new Rifle Dynamics AK700 by Echo1. Here are some key features that should be noted about this rifle:

Reinforced Gearbox with Steel Internals

Inside every AK700 is a upgraded one piece metal hop up unit, MadBull bucking and 455mm inner barrel. The gearbox uses a 7mm steel bearing to reduce friction and increase the rate of fire when using a lithium polymer battery. A large delayer is also added on the sector gear providing flawless BB feeding.

2x High Capacity Waffle Type Magazines

Don’t worry about reloading because every Rifle Dynamics AK700 comes with two high capacity waffle magazines each capable of holding 500 rounds.

Full Metal AK Body

The fully licensed Rifle Dynamics AK700 is as close as you can get to the actual firearm. The Airsoft version features a railed gas tube so you can attach any optic and accessory of choice.

Metal Folding Stock Perfect for CQB or Field Games

With the AK700?s metal folding stock, a player can easily deploy their folding stock anytime during play. Maneuver easily around tight corners without being seen during close quarter combat games.

Fully Licensed by Rifle Dynamics

If you want the most realistic AK rifle, then this is it. Fully licensed by Rifle Dynamics, you can find engravings on both the left and right side of the gun. Without a doubt, the AK700 is a powerful simulation rifle with many great features.

Find yours at your favorite dealer or at Echo1!


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