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Airsoft has its roots in Japan where it has developed as a fun team game. His bloom has experienced in U.S. where, with the paintball has become a very popular team game for its realism, security and accessibility.

Airsoft “weapons” are faithful replicas of real weapons,they are equal in dimensions, details and almost the same weight. The essence of the mechanism of airsoft equipment is to throw a plastic ball (BB – much less dangerous than conventional air rifles)with small amount of air.

Maximum power airsoft gun is 0.08 to 1 Joule to Joule. The very speed of firing balls ranges from 200-300 fps (feets per second)

Today, airsoft equipment manufacturers offer nearly all known replicas of rifles and pistols (and can be found and known versions of the SF equipment from the movies). Replicas can be upgraded with additional equipment such as optics, sights, lasers, lights ….

Most airsoft guns have the ability of Burst shooting, firing at a speed of 600-1200 balls per minute (that's 20 or so per second!)

Airsoft is an activity most recognizable because of the realism of its replica. That is why it used by the army and police of many countries in its training and improvement, and to ordinary players provides a piece of that world.

While playing for the protection of safety glasses are required, or full face mask.
All the games and scenarios that are used in paintball are also suitable for airsoft. It is thought that the only airsoft game fields are in the forest, but all are suitable grounds,from the open-mill-sim to close combat in buildings the buildings.

What do I need to get started?

The gun (or gun), battery, battery charger, ammunition and goggles!

Are there any airsoft competitions / leagues?

No! Airsoft is not a sport and it is not treated like that. Airsoft is an activity in which is not important to be bigger-stronger-faster. Everything we do,we do just for ourself and for our improvement and entertainment.

What are the types of fights?

There are two main divisions by type of battle: “Mil-Sim” (Military Simulation) emphasizes is on the reality of combat. Often with more players at higher fields. Here comes expresssion of practice teams and individuals. That is probably the closest to real combat as possible to get without sacrificing security.

The opposite of this type of play is “arcade style”, which places emphasis on the shooting. Mainly is for smaller players on small fields.

Is airsoft dangerous?

In the hands of frivolous people, it can be. Most injuries that have occurred (all minor injuries!) Are mostly the results of falls and the like. BB I hasn't enough enough power to hurt (except of course in the unprotected eye, or in the mouth and the ear at close range). It's enough to say that the energies which a bullet develops are average 1J. Some have called airsoft “pain-ball” which is wrong, because anyone who has ever got hit in the head with paintball ball knows what I mean. In Airsoft the effect is pain quite significant , because it is the only way that the opponent know you are affected. The greatest danger in Airsoft (just like in anything that has to do with weapons of any kind) is irresponsible. AIRSOFT WEAPONS MUST BE TREATED LIKE IT IS REAL!

How airsoft gun works?

Many wonder if it's what air rifle, and the answer is yes and no. Therefore, the battery provides electrical power to the engine, who tighten the spring to throw the ball air. All electrical replicas have the option of automatic shooting and it is very impressive (over 10 balls per second!). There are also replicas of the snipers that stretches the spring by hand (real strain shutter).


Cashanova2k can anyone provide a graph how airsoft has grown in usa, i need it for my business proposal ???

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petko037 That you're right, I left out the part, ths

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rudy Thanks for this article. I didnt remember how good it was.

5 years ago

Castiel It's a good basic definition but the information differs from country to country. For example In the UK there are airsoft competitions and the max power can be a lot more than 200-300fps.

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