6th Annual Sniper Competition Hosted by 6mm Militia

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Whether your a chairsofter, a “COD Kid”, a veteran Airsofter, or a hardcore Milsimer chances are you either started off or went through a phase in which you wanted to become a sniper. For those starting off or whom tie their Airsoft roots into the FPS world, bolt action sniper rifles provided a cheap way of getting into the Airsoft community with little investment. Loads of gear was not needed, you didn’t have to overcome the learning curve on battery varieties, and the “sexiness” that the real steel sniper exudes is more then enough to convince an outsider that this weapon class is for them.

That fantasy soon gives out to frustration and the realization that the Sniper class from COD or the real world, just doesn’t translate to the Airsoft/Milsim community as we might like. Often snipers find themselves on the outskirts of the battle, with spring rifles that are just not quite able to reach out and touch someone from more then a football field away. Other times, they rely on their side arm in order to engage the enemy who is armed with AEGs in CQB situations.

Alas, enter 6mm Militia with their 6th Annual Sniper Competition at the Gunny’s Warfare Center in Western North Carolina. They have provided the perfect environment, and in competitive form to say the least. Much like the Ultimate Sniper Competition as seen on TV, 6mm Militia has brought the art of the Sniper Class to the Airsoft Community in an accessible fashion.


7 Years ago, members of 6mm Militia attended a sniper competition who’s competition consisted of only one other team. Despite the poor turnout, the event itself as well as all the preparation they put into competing in the event lead them to host their very own sniper competition.

The 1st Annual Sniper Competition was born shortly after with a few simple objectives such as ranging targets, a pistol course, and a stalking portion in which non-of the teams score a single point due to not communicating with HQ on when to take a shot. The majority of the lessons learned that year went to the production staff.

The following year, having moved the competition to Rutherfordton, NC, production staff increased the anti by throwing in am endurance factor. On top of the some sniper objectives you would already expect, teams now face a half-mile run to test their conditioning. In addition to that, teams were given a 15 minute window during the stalking portion, to engage an HVT from a 360 degree angle, while not being seen by the production staff. If spotted, teams were forced to hump back a quarter-mile to the start line.

Year three saw a change in theme from the production staff. No longer was it just about stalking and ranging targets, but now teams had the additional responsibility of convoy protection. Teams were put in a vehicle and driven to various locations and forced to engage targets from inside the vehicle. Communication between teammate became a factor as well. Spotters would have to relay target information via radio to their respective sniper. The stalk also changed, requiring that the HVT be engaged while surrounded by 10 body guards. Team TAG from Raleigh took their second win.

The last two years saw another change in AO, this time relocating to the Command Decisions Warfare Center in Taylorsville, NC. The Command Decisions Warfare Center is toted as one of the premier fields on the East Coast, having hosted over 1,000 players during Fulda Gap in 2012. Much like the previous year, land Navigation opened the competition, followed by range estimation and target qualification. Many of the objectives were taking straight from the Army’s Sniper Competition. Endurance again played a part in the competition, with shooting on the run being thrown into the mix. Teams were then assigned 5 HVTs that they would have to memorized and taken out while amongst a mob of people. Team Valhalla out of Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, Sc took the win both years.

2013 Sniper Competition

The 6th Annual Sniper competition however will see a new AO and a new set of objectives. Gunny’s Warfare Center in Waxhaw, NC will be the back drop to a completely changed competition. The traditional two man team will be accompanied by a rifleman and a support gunner, increasing the squad to four. This is not unheard of, as many of the US Military branches have began to increase the size of their sniper teams, some increasing to six man squads.

Each weapon class will get a chance to qualify in a range specific to their weapons class. A kill house will provide an opportunity for the new additions to clear and secure a shooting position for the sniper/spotter team, and then provide 360 security. The communications challenge sees a comeback, as the sniper/spotter team will be separated, and forced to communicate via radio the various targets.

The minefield, the newest objective being introduced, will force the 4 man team to extract a causality while avoiding the mines and becoming a causality themselves. The poker shoot, a traditional game of poker via sharpshooter skills gives the teams to physically relax, while testing their mental endurance.

For the first time, the stalk will not be making an appearance to the sniper competition. Instead, 2 members of each team will run a course, make their way to a Remington 700 and hit a target laced with Tanerite. Big Boom with little time will win the finishing round.

6mm Militia has this to say about their competition, “Each year this competition gets better and better and more teams enter it. This year we have partnered up with Raptac (Raptor Tactical Applications Group) which is a production company whose members are on an Airsoft team called Raptor 1 which consists primarily of active duty Marines. I have known these guys for many years and am proud to call them friends. I brought them in to help because of their dedication to Airsoft and their professional attitude. Raptor 1 members have competed in the last two years of this competition and the addition of Raptac to the production team will only make this year better. We have had some great sponsors as well over the years. The last five years Big Boy Toys Airsoft has been a big supporter of our events, and the last two years Stampede Airsoft has been on board. These two companies have been instrumental in making this event as successful as it has become. Did I mention we will have even more booms this year?”

Raptac FB link www.facebook.com/#!/RaptorTacticalApplicationsandOperations?fref=ts
6mm Militia FB link www.facebook.com/
Gunny’s Warfare Center FB link www.facebook.com/#!/GunnysWarfareCenter?fref=ts
6mm Militia homepage www.6mmmilitia.com
Stampede Airsoft FB link www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Stampede-Airsoft/261284853944511?fref=ts
Big Boy Toys Airsoft webstore www.bigboytoysairsoft.com/
Big Boy toys Airsoft FB page www.facebook.com/BigBoyToysAi


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