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Many people do not know how much depends on the games used in BB-ken. We want this kind of writing information to clarify the basics. Airasoft used the BB projectile is called, the ball bearing is named after the English name – like a sphere, but the metal is. 5.94-5.96 mm in size and resolution depending on the size deviation is. The most important properties of the BB's weight, size variation, hardness / density, shape and materials.

Basically, 0:12, 0:20, 0:23, 0:25, 0:28, 0:30. weight g BB-s is used. Of course these are different in weight (eg, 0.36). The heavier you are using a BB, the more accurate because it has less of a movement in the air, but not surprisingly, reduced, or even perhaps a bit more difficult to grow using a BB. More surprising, it did not even get there more slowly. This is explained by the heavier BB is less loss of kinetic energy of (This is detailed in English on the Airsoft Trajectory Project than to read). . So we can say that the most difficult BB should be used, which is the weapon hopup able to properly twist .

0.12 BB's not really recommend it too easy. It is used grenades.
00:20 BB-as the “base” weight chrono uses it. Less powerful weapons than average (200-300 fps ) and up to cqb battle should apply. Open space may be significantly out of the wind, and significantly less accurate than the more difficult.
0.25 BB is the basic standard projectile weapon. The wind is less influenced by the trajectory, and compared to the 0.20 stroke better leverage out of weapons. (Between 300 to 380 fps)
00:28 BB's have more powerful weapons to use (380 +).
0:30?s and the greater weight of BB-s sniper class (or a minimum of 400-plus) used guns.
During this time instead of minimizing the variance in size to be considered, and to be closer to 6 mm – the weapon used in the tubes anyway, is much bigger than 6mm (6:08, 6:04).

The density also affects the stroke, on the other hand is good, if it's not broken, friable, apart slam hit. Unpleasant too soft BB injuries.

It is very important, as the hop-up unit in order to spin the BB's. A precise, smooth ball forms, there are no problems, but the deformed BB's cause a lot of trouble. These tubes, hop-up unit you may need to.

The BB's can be made ??of plastic, corn (bio BB's) and fluorescent material (Tracer BB). There are games where required the use of bio BB. These plastics, in contrast, are broken down quickly, it does not pollute the environment. It is interesting that often surpasses the quality of bio BB smoothly. Indeed, not only more accurate but a bit faster. Fluorescent BB two nights games are used – some light sources (library, hopup chamber or silencer positioned light source) upload and lighting strip pulls, which the beacon can be simulated – very nice.

Usually white in color, or close to, but there are quite wide range of colors. The flashy, but it is not white can be used to store the (non-hi-cap) to fill some of these for the first time do you spend it, and then normalized. In use when the white BB's coming, it is time library replacement.The dark green, black BB-s can not see the enemy, so can not elaborate on him, but in return you not see, so you do not know you did this or that correct way.

Often make the mistake that is not of sufficient quality players to play in the BB as it is a bit cheaper. This is a very good example of the Chinese weapons supplied BB's (be sure to break apart quite a few pieces of arms, which can not be paid to the consequences of the brush).

Recommended brand: TokyoMarui, Guarder, G & G, BB One , the new Xtreme
Tolerated but not recommended: Blaster
Avoid: Xtreme-precision, Umarex, Tokyo Soldier, Warrior, Fire Gold


Rainmaker this sounds like it was translated directly from Chinese by Google Translate........ anyways, I'm pretty sure BB stands for Ball Bullet

7 years ago

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