Madbull – XCR-FAST stock Now Available

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The Madbull “Robinson Arms XCR Full Adjustable Stock (FAST)” Now Available !!

he Madbull XCR-FAST, which stands for “Fully Adjustable STock” can be quickly deployed from the folded position by the push of a strategically placed button and flick of the fingers. It locks firmly into the deployed and folded positions. It can be adjusted so that any user using any sight can be perfectly comfortable. Our stock is light at approximately one pound. It is very thin at less than one inch in width. Folded it creates a tight, compact package. We designed this to work with all your gear, be it face masks or goggles. No tilting the head necessary for seeing your sights. Fastest sight acquisition time possible. The fully adjustable stock can be configured so that any user can be comfortable with any sight or optic. Madbull is known for making the highest quality licensed products and the XCR-FAST is no exception!

- Licensed by Robinson Armament Company
- Full collapsible stock
- Thin width and light weight
- 5 adjustment settings ranging from 7”- 10”
- Full metal base and high quality polymer for durability
- Designed to not hinder sight with face masks and goggles
- Rubber butt stock w/ nub to eliminate damage to receiver when folded


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