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Game Modes

• Everyone against everyone

The players play individually, the goal is to have fun. target number smaller, warm-up may be good.
• Team fight
Traditionally, two teams fight against each other, destroying the other team's goal. Be a good warm up,
but all-day game will be boring. Often called the Tanglin-Tingli well.
• Flag gain – reach the flag
Is worth two teams play, but more can be even more exciting. The team placed the same distance from the
flag (or whatever) must be reached and touched. Those who reach it wins. Maybe a flag in the middle or
the base of 1-1 teams flag.

• Flag getting – get the flag
Of the predecessor as much difference to the flag not only touched, but a given area shall be supplied.
Often the base of the target group, which is relatively easy. Those who love the challenge, the other team's base they want to communicate to the Flag – so the opponent can also have the opportunity to improve.
• Game-sector
Share of the multi-sectoral career, and one team is located, the other team's attack. A shot to the next sector players respawn and keep on fighting. The goal of the attackers to take over all sectors, the opponent chase all sectors.
Is a person of this game is to be protected and sent to a certain point. The VIP-defender is coordinated to cooperate with the attackers are relatively easy things to do.

• Bomb
A bomb to be delivered to a particular item, to arm and defend it. Two bombs can be very exciting as both teams the same task. Rarely played, for a complex task, and to be “bomb” as well.
• Base Reservation
Multiple occupation of the target base. This is usually done by typing, in which every second / minute / etc for a given point. The most points win. Generally, a higher kind of game that requires organization.
• Object to obtain
A specific goal for the acquisition and application. Then the most exciting, if each team that the acquisition of the target – often interferes with each other. The other causes of excitement, if only the manager knows the location of the object.
• Mission – Scenario
More complete tasks that are already full simulation of military intervention.Reconnaissance, troop movements, in close co-operation, and include full military tactics. In this case, the two sides 1-1
commander, who coordinates the swarms over the radio. If a large number of good (60 to 100 + people around), and a large area. These we used to “big game” call.

• Zombie
Takes place mainly in the evening games that focus on the “feeling” is. Many of the organization is very good mood can be achieved. Several game modes to play, but generally the zombies always win. In general, little zombie, zombies are not getting much, and if the zombies catch someone, you live again
as a zombie.

• Hunt
Intercepted a smaller unit, destroying the target – even a man. Robber be added, but it can be a good game – especially if you saved the game at some point. You should use this game mode where one team is dramatically depleted and you do not want to wait long at the end of the game …
• Head Hunters
May play everyone against everyone, and team-play mode to play against the team. Each player / stage is a card or something to get the killing of the murderer. Most collectors points wins.
• Historic game
In real events, a lot of walking and then involves the organization. More work is needed to organize, easy to break, but the success may be high. Ideas for best film, modern warfare eseményibol draw.
Military Building, I think it represents a separate game mode, as it requires a completely different fight manners. It is hard, fast and very enjoyable.

• Look for the gun
Play the players individually. The goal is to have to find the hidden weapons, and kill everyone. It is best to springes / spring gun play. Rich in adventure and humorous game can be.
• Technical trails, situational shooting
Predefined trajectory of our skill, our present accuracy. In principle, everyone can take it a fair chance of participating, but of course a lot depends on the quality of your gun. During the game, the time zone and hit lolapokon is used to determine the winner.
• Milsim
Milsim A (Military Simulation), a subsidiary rules, and almost a feeling. The rules seek to realism, and such games in the military operations of the target, the shooter. Often multi-day games, shooting without a cold, took stuff by yourself asleep – or marching. I eat what was taken to sleeping there,
where you can … Only the most prepared and dedicated maniac highly recommended. Of course, a shorter, not as a traditional hard MilSim game people can enjoy the loszer limittel, often several hours of
recovery time with patrolling, guard, etc..

• Individual ideas, LARP
Mafia, drug barons, Science Fiction, bank robbery, “Christmas Story” … there is no limit on any imagination.

Additional rules

• One / more detailed game
Is determined that the player éledhet time again. This can be compensated for the difference in the number, the track endowments due to positional advantage.
• Weapon Limit
Only weapons can be set to play. Only springes only gas, etc.. If everyone is the same, or at least a kind of sword play, it can be a very good experience – eg.: Spring / gas-days, with pistols, rifles and shotguns to play.
• BB limit
This can be done in a more real and more difficult game. Easily be achieved through a “sprinkling” is avoided, so everyone can change your mind when you shoot.
• Medic system
A medic in each swarm, or the wounded to the nearest teammate yeast again – touching the card removing, binding, etc.. Recovery to the point of this it can save games, walked off, on the other hand can make the game a little more real. The organizer determines exactly how the medic system (how many times can
heal, you need to be involved because of how heal, to cure himself, etc.).

• Disturbing Teams
Can be a little stir in the game to play each team in a separate section highlighted some of the people and we do them. These sections of the task, the interference will be a variety and a little chaos to the game. It is important that discussed in advance according to the thing, or at any stage to radio to
the game velülk understanding of modal change.Depending Staff should develop them, especially the final player eliminated from the sections to be installed – you should begin to set them to not represent a large force, but given the opportunity to gain experience.

You can see that there are several game modes, and it is important that the pre-game briefing said the rules, and even listen to it, otherwise it could be serious confusion during the game. One of the most fantastic game, the players may agree among themselves on everything.Can anything, but vary as – if not
at first go, then you can modify the rules and go to the game.Each issue of fantasy …


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