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RAP4 is proud to offer you the 468, the toughest and most realistic marker we’ve ever made...and we’re eager to prove its durability to you. To show how tough we build the 468, we’ve submitted one to a battery of grueling tests that take real world abuse and kick it up a few notches. Afraid of your marker getting shot with paintballs? We shot one with a 12 gauge shotgun...and it worked fine. Afraid of the rain or snow messing with your marker? We completely submerge the 468, and it came out of the water firing just fine.

Afraid of knocking your marker around on an urban course? What would you do if you tripped and fell full-weight on your marker? If you shoot a 468, you would line up the sights and pull the trigger and a ball would zip downrange to eliminate your opponent...like nothing bad ever happened.

That’s because we use machined metal components, mil-spec polymers, and industry-leading designs to ensure that each 468 can survive the rigors of the toughest force-on-force training and scenario paintball combat.

That shows a 468 being thrown from the top of an industrial building, and landing on rocks. Our lead designer, Omar, then inserts a loaded magazine and fires every round with good-as-new accuracy. The power source hidden in the stock was unharmed by the drop; the rugged internals were just fine, and the external parts endured their abuse with no loss of function...

...and with minimal surface wear.

We are proud to say the 468 is the most durable marker we’ve ever made, and these videos do a lot to prove just what we mean. We call them the most realistic, too, because of their innovative design. Lead designer Omar Macy came to us from the firearms industry, and created a true next-generation arm that disassembles, cocks, points, balances, and looks, exactly like the real thing.

You can remove the upper receiver on the 468 in seconds by pushing out two body retaining pins...just like on a duty-issue M4. You can then swap on a different mission-adapted upper receiver and respond to changing battle conditions in seconds!

The 468 points, balances, and handles just like an M4...which is part of why police departments and military groups are buying them for use in force-on-force training where they want to exactly reproduce the experience of their personnel deploying with their duty-issue arms.

And you can bring this level of realism to your next paintball game when you go afield with a 468. So go ahead - play hard. Put it through the most intense season of paintball you’ve ever played, and let the 468 earn its spot as your go-to gun.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

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