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One town which has had a large number of resistance fighters flood in is Novac, with walls already built and a dinky dinosaur tower to keep watch, it is the perfect position to mount a defence and build a base to fight back. The fighters there, mostly locals and civilians, have little combat experience and no clear leadership. Until recently they have relied on scavenging to find supplies for their camp, without much success. Luck struck one day though, when a group out scavenging stumbled upon one of the old vaults. They wandered in, hoping to find food and weapons, but instead stumbled upon something that would turn out to be much more important. Lying in the fault, nearly dead from exhaustion, dehydration and a severe head injury, lay a man, dressed as an NCR soldier.

Using the last of their medical supplies, the Novac scavengers treated the man and brought him back to Novac were he regained consciousness. The Novac scavengers had found an NCR General, one of the few who survived the battle at the dam. The NCR general did his best to explain what had happened to him, but he had lost large chunks of his memory with his head injury. His last memory was of him stumbling into the vault, and writing a half finished note. A note he is unable to finish, at least without his memory.

With no memory of his name, the Novac people took to calling him The General. With the Generals strength returning the townsfolk increasingly looked to him for leadership.
Looking around at the destroyed Dino-store and broken down walls, the General clearly saw the despair in the eyes of the young, and the broken souls of the old haunted the town like homeless ghouls. Could he ever help Novac to thrive, or was mere survival all they would ever be destined for, as they would never hope for such a thing as hope as long since forsaken this place.

While the General remembered nothing of himself he still knew how to lead men, whether destiny or luck brought him to this place, he now has a renewed propose.

The people of Novac where made up of refugees from across the waste land with very little in the way of fire power. With no more than a handful of pistols, shotguns and a few sniper rifles they unsuccessfully defended their town against well armed gangs looking for their next fix.
The General organised these men and women into a force capable of fighting of these raiders. The snipers on the remains of the old Dino-store tower returned to see off most of these raiders and the well placed trenches helped see off anyone that made it close.
After successfully seeing of multiple attacks by the raiding gangs, the towns moral was at an all time high, but would this ever be enough? After finding a supply cash in the old Repcon Factory, caps would not be a problem, but the towns stocks of food and water are all but gone, this and the lack of fire power, the townsfolk have no option but to look outside their borders.

The General sent out small scouting parties in the hope of making contact with traders and luck was to be on their side....

More to follow...


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