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Previously only available for the the real deal Pmags ( 5.56mmx45) the MagLink the magazine coupler designed by Magpul is now also available for Airsoft through Magpul PTS the Airsoft division of Magpul Industries, but beware there are several low quality knock-offs on the market already, before you buy make sure to ask the store if it is the original MagLink.

\"The PTS MagLink is designed as a coupler for PTS PMAG GEN 2 and GEN 3 (M3) airsoft magazines which allows users to attach two airsoft magazines together for more efficient speed reloads. This also can keep an additional magazine accessible on the training weapon at all times. The PTS MagLink features a two-piece bolt together design and durable, lightweight construction reinforced with renewably sourced polymer. With smart design and great material, we proudly announce that PTS Maglink is now available.\"


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