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Real Action Paintball was proud to join the Paintball Expo just days ago in Leesburg, Virginia! We built an interactive display where thousands of top players, team captains, and industry insiders toured the latest milsim gear from RAP4, watched how easy it is to swap Tippmann internal marker parts into Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kits...and our guests even test fired the brand new 468!

That\\\\\\\'s right: we built a shooting range at Paintball Expo, and over the three day gala we lost track of how many thousands of shots our guests fired downrange. They felt how the 468 points, balances, and handles exactly like a duty-issue M4 carbine, and they watched those rounds fly from the Recon Rifled Barrel just as fast as they could pull the trigger...each round pushed securely into the chamber under pressure from the interchangeable spring-powered magazine - just like live ammunition in an M4 mag!

RAP4\\\\\\\'s 468 stood out on the showroom floor, rising above the sea of milsim, mil-spec, and woodsball gear, in the way it offers the most authentic military equipment experience possible...at a price point that makes it accessible to every player. RAP4 is committed to building magazine-fed paintball, and championing it as the next big thing in hyper-realistic gaming...and even force-on-force training.

You may have met some of the law enforcement officers and military personnel touring the Paintball Expo. Some of them were familiar faces around the RAP4 booth, and we made many new friends as we demonstrated how the 468 seamlessly crosses over from a tactical gaming marker to a practical training marker useful for reinforcing tactical doctrine.

Personnel who deploy with an M4 in their squad car or their MRAP can - and do - use the 468 to train with character actors, opposing forces, and their squad mates, in the most realistic force-on-force training possible. The 468 allows them to shoot actual projectiles at each other with complete safety, and without any of the ballistic concerns of shooting live ammunition...meaning that they can train in proper shoot houses or borrowed facilities, abandoned structures or rented buildings, to make their training as applicable to their jobs as possible and truly as real as it gets.

The 468\\\\\\\'s ability to interchangeably shoot paintballs, marking training rounds, non-marking training rounds, and even clear water-based training rounds, means that for a fraction of the cost of live ammunition, personnel can train just about anywhere...as perfectly demonstrated in our portable shooting booth at Paintball Expo!

Check out our YouTube channel for some footage from the Paintball Expo, and be sure to visit our Facebook site. Did you make it to the show? Drop us a line, and tell us about the best new gear you found there...and let us know what you thought of the RAP4 booth. We\\\\\\\'re always excited to meet our players!

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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