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The Echo1USA Platinum Edition M4 is the top of the line when it comes Airsofting or training. The Platinum Edition M4 features an aluminum body construction to make it durable and lightweight for the user. The realistic and rugged externals are matched with the internals of the Platinum Edition M4. The Reinforced version 2 gearbox uses 8mm steel bushings with steel auto shimming gears with the polycarb piston combined with an aluminum ported piston head and the other key upgraded parts already installed makes the platinum edition ready to use a lipoly battery for increased trigger response.
To the complete the package the Platinum Edition comes with a hard carry case to keep your equipment secure from the elements. Overall the Platinum Edition M4 is designed to fulfill the needs for the hardcore airsofter or any Law Enforcement group for their training.


- Includes tan gun case for safe concealment and transportation
- Aluminum body for rugged realism
- Lipoly ready AEG gun
- Upgraded and reinforced internals
- Cut away rear sight for optics


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