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Next portion of news in our web store. We have new delivery from ASG DK and Classic Army. Stock levels are updated and new products are added, including:

ASG / Marushin - M1 Carbine - GBB

Authentic looking M1 Carbine featuring a semi-auto gas-blowback system with realistic action that closely mimics that of the real weapon.

When holding this M1 Carbine two things stand out: one is impressive high quality, and secondly, that it is relatively light and compact. The stock is is made from real wood, and it feels great to the touch. The barrel, magazine, trigger/trigger guard and bolt/receiver are made from metal, because of this, it weighs a realistic 2400g with magazine, making it a perfectly usable gun for skirmishes and reenactments.

Classic Army - SportLine - M15A4 Tactical Carbine

Replica of M15A4 Tactical Carbine from Classic Army SportLine budget series. Body with Armalite Inc. logo is made of durable composite, perfectly imitating the original carbine material. Made of metal are magazine, fire selector, trigger and trigger guard, sights, front suspension ear and charging handle.

Perfect for players starting airsoft adventure. Accessories included: NiMH battery, charger, sling and protective glasses.

ASG - M4 LowCap magazines - BOX x 10

A set of ten composite magazines for M4, M15 and similar replicas. Capacity 85 rounds. Manufactured by ASG, under license from Armalite Inc.

ASG - Multi-balance-charger - Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Po, Li-Fe

Compact intelligent multi-balance-charger, that will charge any size of LI-PO, LI-FE, NI-CD and NIMH Airsoft gun batteries. It will prolong the life time of a LI-PO battery pack by ensuring that each cell in the pack are charged to equal levels, thereby avoiding excessive strain on individual cells.

Included: Power unit, Charger unit, Tamiya connectors, Car battery connectors and manual.

ASG - STI Tac Master - 1911 - Metal Slide - GBB

Made entirely of metal Colt 1911 Tac Master replica, green gas powered. Manufactured under license from STI International.

The replica has a very comfortable and effective JustFits Tac Master grip pads for a firm and secure grip. Sights has easy to aim, white points.

Magazines for replicas mentioned above:
ASG - Magazine for STI Tac Master - CO2
ASG - M1 Carbine Magazine - Green Gas

Spring replicas:
Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun
P60 - USP Compact
G17 - Glock 17
STI M1911 Classic
CZ 75 D Compact
Beretta M92


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