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After the NCRs defeat at the dam, most businesses closed, NCR citizens ran with the surviving troops, and the Mojave population were left to defend themselves. Businesses closed all over the Mojave. The great Mojave Express closed its doors, and it was even rumoured the mighty Van Graff family went out of business with all the chaos happening in the Strip. The only two trading companies left were the Crimson Caravan Company, and the Gun Runners.

The Novac scouting party set out to meet with both companies, in the hope to get the supplies they need. The trip is a long and dangerous one, with the NCR gone, who knows what or who they might meet on the road. Armed with a few pistols and a handful of stimpacks, they set out in the direction of Crimson Caravan Company.

The General had faith in his men, so far he had trained them well. He knew this mission would make or break the town he now called home. If they didn’t return, how much longer could he hold of the gangs, who everyday get more persistent and daring. The general had to continue his work, he planned and prepared night and day, all the while trying to remember life before Novac. He tried not to let it distract him, but the more he studied his manual, the more questions he had. Why did he fall behind the others? Why did he end up in a vault or what was he doing in there to begin with? These questions never left his mind.

The Generals manual had all the best Intel the NCR had at the time before the 2nd Battle of the dam. The NCR seems so well prepared and had so much Intel, yet they still lost. Was the Intel off? If the Intel was off, was anymore of the Intel in his manual incorrect? Even more troubling was the missing pages in the Generals log book, they might have contained the information he wanted so bad. The General decided to put his Generals Manual and Log Book on display in the dino-gift store, in hope that anyone might recognise it who had seen the missing pages. The town seen a lot of travellers and refugees pass through, most of which on the run back to the South West, away from the Legion. Word soon spread of the Generals incomplete Manual, and off the number 22, scrawled on nearly every page.

The scouting party was making slow progress on the interstate 15, only moving by cover of darkness to avoid detection by the ever present gangs. On occasion they encountered groups of refugees fleeing the area, and often shared camp with these people. They heard all sorts of stories and rumours, from the Boomers flying off to foreign lands, The King claiming ownership of The Strip and even stories of the Legate, Caesars 2nd in command, disappearing from the Legion camp without a trace. The most interesting story was of old world medical machines – auto-docs, told to them by Follower of the Apocalypse Arcade Gannon, travelling to one of the many refugee camps to lend aid. Although he openly expressed his approval of legion victory, he was still morally bound to help those he could. He mentioned seeing some of these auto-docs in the area around Novac, but they appeared to be broken. He jotted down what he could remember of them for the scouting party and gave some of his medical equipment that might work as replacement parts to fix them up again.

Auto-docs would be a powerful tool to have if they could be repaired. However, due to the conditions of these machines, and the ‘dodgy’ replacement parts, moving them would certainly render them useless and beyond repair. If Novac was to repair them, they would have to be left where they are, but this would mean anyone that stumbled upon an auto-doc could use it – including raiders.

The scouts walked for nights and nights, the mission was still in its first stage and already they were exhausted. They struck camp before sunrise and talked among themselves of turning back...but as the sun began to rise, there in the distance stood the red and white sign they had been searching for - The Crimson Caravan Company.


As the scouting party approached the Crimson Caravan Company main entrance, they noticed how quiet it was. Places like this had always been buzzing with life, people from all over coming to trade, pack Brahmin and other animals pushing past you, no, this place reminded of them of Novac before the General was found, dead and hopeless. As they wandered closer a group of well armed men came from nowhere and surrounded the scouting party, waving guns and shouting at the group to get down, the Novac scouts couldnt believe they had made it this far, only to be killed outside the gates. They put their weapons down and raised their hands. The armed gang moved in on the scouts, and at a closer look the Novac scouts realised these were Crimson Caravan Employees, not raiders.

Upon stating their business the scouts were allowed to move into the camp where they were made to wait with armed guards. They seemed to wait forever, and this made them nervous. After what felt like hours of waiting, someone finally came to see them, a couple more armed guards who did a quick pat down for concealed weapons, and once the all clear was given the guards called for their boss. The mood was instantly lifted when McLafferty, regional manager of the Crimson Caravan Companies New Vegas branch came in. He smiled, welcomed and introduced himself to the Novac scouts. He explained how sorry he was at how they had been treated, but in the recent weeks raiders had been attacking more and more. McLafferty had to step up security and everyone seemed on edge. The Crimson Caravan Company had battled raider gangs before, but never like this.

The Novac scouts told the story of Novac, of the General and how they were is desperate need of supplies. McLafferty hadn\'t had customers in weeks, all his contracts had fled with the NCR, he was running out of caps fast, if he couldn\'t pay his employees to protect the companies base camp, he would lose everything.

McLafferty was very charismatic, a great people person and after some bartering with the scouts, a deal was reached. The Crimson Caravan Company would deliver supplies straight to the town via small caravans. Novac agreed to pay the employees who delivered the shipments in the town as shipments arrived, and allow them to use the dino-store and any medical equipment they had at Novac. The Crimson Caravan company would supply food, water, medical supplies, ammo and a new product they had just started making guns. The Scouts liked McLafferty, he was keen to get the supplies moving and he was running a tight ship, but anytime they seen him he had at least a body guard or two with him. He looked nervous, he watched everyone around him and only seemed to trust his guards. He was always checking his pockets and anytime they overheard him speaking with his guards, he was always speaking about some kind of body armour he wanted back.

The scouts spent the night and packed early the next day to set off to their next destination. McLafferty came to see them off and gave them extra medical supplies, food and a piece of advice as the scouts set off - don\'t trust the Gun Runners.

More to follow...


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