Operation Varsity – True Test of Recon Skills

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Operation Varsity, a Mind Game Productions/Airborne Milsim Event, marks first “battle” jump for graduates of the Airborne Milsim Course.

Dunnellon, Fl March 16th, 2013 – “Mark, Mark, Mark” cracks the radio, as gray triangular canopy’s begin to appear 5,000ft over head.

They sure look like they might miss the airport completely…a few S-turns, a couple flares and Jumpers and Jumpmasters alike are safely on the ground, on target, met by their pathfinder squad on the ground (the recon Cessna only affords so much space, and gear had to be “dropped” prior to the jumpers and collected by their squadmates on the ground.)

Without anytime to collect their thoughts, or to soak in the amazing feat that so few MilSim Participants can claim to have achieved, they are off into the woods, faces painted, dressed in the uniform of the enemy cartel whose ranks they are now attempting to join without notice. The target are 3 high value targets (HVTs), one of which must be collected and escorted back to the run way for the recon Cessna to exfile out of the AO.

Meanwhile, Milsim teams such as the Sheepdogs (Miami), Spectre VI (Tampa), Dakota Milsim, Suicide Kings, and more, push their way into cartel lines, many not aware of the secret insertion that just took place.

While the AO did not offer anything spectacular in the way of structures or human made objectives or obstacles, the terrain itself offered a challenged not often encountered by milsim participants. “Sugar Sand”, a soft sand that slows the run of any marathon runner to a crawl and quickly swallows trucks not equipped for a safari in the Sahara combined with dense brush and swamp dwelling plants combined forces to challenge both forces.

Mid afternoon saw the arrival of another plane, this time belonging to a cartel drug runner who proceeded to airdrop in several 10s of Kilos of coke. The cartel swiftly moved in and transported the drop deep into the woods, and was never recovered by US forces.

As the day trucked along, so did US forces, eventually cornering the Drug Cartel to the North East. By chance, and much skill, the US forces led by the Sheepdogs, captured the Drug Lord, and in dramatic fashion, through a hailstorm of gun fire and attempted pushes by reinforcing cartel fighters, the US Forces were able to push out to the awaiting recon team. The Drug Lord, infamous for his antics with knives, was stripped of his gear and searched on the landing strip while the plane awaited, engine running wide. Recon forces then dumped him in the Cessna, and a round of high fives were exchanged as the Cessna lifted off the runway back to the states.

Operation Varsity was the culmination of a 6 day school where participants learned static line jumping using the rectangular MC-4 parachute. While originally, the class was to be a Mass Static Line Jump (MassTac), the class was adjusted to accommodate 5-8 students, instead of the 14-20 students needed to rent the C47 aircraft. Stay tuned to Merlin’s Blog Spot for the After Action Report on the Airborne Milsim course, as we will be talking to participants and jumpmasters on their thoughts on this course, and what to expect for July’s course.

For more information on July\'s Course go to www.airbornemilsim.com


EastCoastTacticalSquad we had a blast! good game and great reporting as usual, Merlin!!

6 years ago

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