Top Tactical Solutions: MilSim Training Meets Real World Situations

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Doral, Fl – There’s a facility in South Florida’s premiere neighborhood of Doral, that could be mistaken as a covert Police Training facility for Miami-Dade County’s SWAT team. However, those who do not wear a badge as part of their uniform are not turned away, but openly invited to participate in high quality training. Moreover, those who participate in Military Simulation (MilSim) Events have found a safe home for team training and skill building in a judgement free environment.

Top Tactical Solutions is open to students and instructors alike, making for an endlessly evolving training tool. Guest instructors can utilize the facility to offer courses outside of where they normally would teach, while students can learn from in house instructors on a regular basis, or bring in a fresh perspective.

One such example is the recent SWAT class, targeted specifically towards MilSim Teams and individual members. Hosted by Ofc. Madruga, who has served 15 years with MDPD (the last 12 with MDPD’s Special Response Team), the class offers an introduction into the basics of SWAT operations, Hostage Resude Operations, as well as weapons manipulations and applications in a CQB Environment.

The 8 hour class will be held at Top Tacitcal Soluations indoor kill house in Doral, Fl April 6th at a cost of $100. For more information on Ofc. Madruga and the SWAT class visits:

TTC’s In door kill house allowes for real world training in a controlled, safe environment. An intricate maze of halls and rooms tests both MilSim Teams and real world Law Enforcement Groups alike, and gives instructors the means in which they can throw multiple different scenarios at the students.

It’s not all about team tactics however, as TTC also offeres a variety of self defense classes for various situations such has Tactical Hand Gun: 1-3, CCW courses, Tactical Shotgun, as well as a Technon Tactical Gun Disarming Workshop (April 3rd.)

So for those teams looking for dlasses to strengthen team unity, tactics, and skills, or even just for an area to work together in a controlled environment away from the public’s eye, TTC is a solid and cost effective choice to facilitate all your training needs.


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