MindGame Productions kicks off Amerika 2 Campaign

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Ocala, Fl -- February 25th, 2012 Mind Game Productions, an airsoft-event companybased out of Florida, USA, is kicking off one of their most ambitious projects to date. MGP creates a number of events that range from MilSim to Video Game-style environments. Amerika 2, based on the premise that the Allies lost World War 2 to the Axies, is the first Legacy Event (events for age 16+) of the new year and will become its own stand-alone series.

While most airsofters would relish the idea of playing at a 3-day Op, Florida airsofters are being treated to a year long event. Its the game of "risk" and Florida is the game board, with weekend ops being spread out over a year long period. MGP is expected to host 3-4 more events through out the year, and has reached out to the airsoft community to host their own events within the Amerika story line. More information on future games will be announced as they become available.

Wayne's World of Paintball was the scene of our first Amerika skirmish. Allied forces squared off against a heavily entrenched German Force. With pre-registration closed, Germans originally out-number the Allies by 4-1, but a large American force arrived in the early morning hours for walk-up registration, threatening the Axies' number superiority.

The Germans had several secret weapons though, including an SS commander, a mad scientist, and a pair of interrogators that were flanked by SS Guards dressed in black. The Allied forces, consisting of remnants of the US Military, private mercenaries, Cuban troops and civilian resistance fighters that banded together to challenge their German occupiers.

The Allies worked quickly, assaulting the small town of Stanton, holding in several times through-out the morning despite a constant onslaught of German tanks (yes, tanks.) The allies quickly moved forward and attempted a two prong attack on the large German controlled city of Neustadt. The Germans were prepared, repelling the allied attack, recovering the town of Stanton and moving North using their armored column.

The afternoon did not fair much better for the Allies, even though several key objectives were destroyed. To make matters worse, German scientist released their super-human program, soldiers that would only be incapacitated when hitting a specific spot on their body (simulated with metal plates.) A final Allied pushed earned them the destruction of the power station located just outside the city, but heavy casualties and the capture of several Allied leaders caused the push to stall completely. In the end, the German's held on to their territory.

The after-action report from players was more than just favorable. Many experienced MGP goers were excited for some of the additions, including a point system that required players to carry around number cards that they would give to the enemy once they were "hit". This allowed for a "score" to be kept between forces. Many new comers found the emense story line and the prospect of continuning the same story throughout the year, and all-over the state of Florida exciting.

Stay-tuned to Airsoft Squared to find out more information on how to get involved in Mind Game Production's Amerika 2 Campaign.
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BCBL-OUTLAW This sounds very cool. A year long continual op. I hope you have the support staff to figure it out every week, but CUDOS and I hope to see more as it develops.

6 years ago

MerlinDKM MGP has a tremendous staff. It won't be every weekend, it will be every couple of weeks or so, MGP is still running thier MilSim events as well as some of their other themed events.

6 years ago

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