ARES M4-E Carbine Now Available

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According to JAG Precision they are now distributing the new ARES M4-E Carbine and they should be available at your local retailer soon depending on where you live or which country you live of course.
The ARES M4A1-E is the first production M4 that includes a fully programmable computerized electric trigger system withinthe gun itself. This new feature gives you the ability to customize the trigger system beforehand. Below there is a list of four different programmable firing settings you can set.
With the ARES M4e, you can improve ammunition consumption by half, making it last twice as long. Less reload, less hassle. The lipo cutoff feature makes it a safer way to not destroy your battery by cutting off the power before it runs out. The trigger is easily accessible and will react with a quick tap. Quick and easy access when in action. This new feature provides less hassle than any other gun. Everything is programmed beforehand so extra work is not needed.
Unlike most guns, the ARES M4A1-E has a built in MOSFET which makes it possible to control the Gearbox. The MOSFET addition acts like a helper to control the ammunition that comes out. This makes it better by not draining your battery while creating a precise firing setting.


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