LCT Airsoft – AS VAL coming soon

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Creation date April 08, 2013
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LCT Airsoft announced yesterday the release of a replica of the Russian AS VAL ( Avtomat Special’nyj Val ) and this are great news because since the arrest of the president of Zeta-Labs by chinese autorothies no other Airsoft manufacturer showed interest in making new AK variants until now.
Although the picture shows that the AS VAL (surrounded by AK variants), the subtitle suggests that the sniper version of the AS VAL, the Vintorez VSS ( Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya ) will also be made by LCT Airsoft.


TheAirsoftMovement So its going to be cheaper than the custom amde 1000 dollar version right?

5 years ago

TheAirsoftMovement *made

5 years ago

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