Operation Sovereign Fury Featured on This Week in Airsoft

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Operation Sovereign Fury is in the news again, this time with the guys over at This Week in Airsoft. If you haven’t heard, maybe because you haven’t had the Internet for a week, or socialized with a fellow airsofter, Operation Sovereign Fury is MindGame Productions re-introduction into the hardcore MilSim community. The op will introduce a brand new AO, Guardian Center, a 51 building, 850 acre private training facility that boasts that hard to get “any town” USA feel.

Labels such as “Bank” and “Hotel” are not just suggestions for the imagination, but designations for what you will ACTUALLY find inside the building. GC didn’t go out a simply bought a few things from the Goodwill, they bought a Goodwill and moved it in.

Find out more as the guys from TWiA interview all the guys from MGP as well as the author.


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