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The road to the Gun Runners camp was going to be the longest distance the scouts would have to travel; they hoped the past few weeks of training the General provided would be enough...they were going deep into gang territory.

The NCR had fought back the majority of the Mojave gangs to the point were they only operated around their hideouts and never ventured very far. The gangs who once dominated the Mojave and wreaked havoc and misery on the local population had been completely decimated by the NCR. The once organised gangs were now operating in small self organised groups with no clear leadership other than the self appointed leaders of each small gang.

When the NCR fled, the gangs were quick to cease advantage and move further out to the main traveling routes and nearby towns were before they wouldn’t have gotten within a mile off. The gangs killed everyone and took all they could carry. They began to target NCR soldiers running in small groups, and it wasn’t long before the gangs were well armed again. The gangs were still small, but they were now one of the most well equipped fighting groups in the wasteland.

Novac suffered for weeks at the hands of gangs, who day and night stormed the towns defences and slowly bleed the town of its resources. Novac’s saving grace was that the gangs had not united under one leader. The gangs were greedy and power hungry, not willing to share their spoils with anyone...and why would they, they were doing better than ever. If the gangs united and attacked Novac, they could tear the place down and leave it in ruins. But the gangs were in it for themselves, and like the olden days when they rules the Mojave, they were expanding their territories and rivaling themselves with the other gangs, determined to dominate the rest, they would fight any gang who wasn’t part of their own.

Some of the gangs started making names for themselves, the four most ruthless and feared gangs in the past weeks to rise up were the Fiends – lead by a man called Hidebarks, the Jackals + Scorpions – not much is known about their leadership yet, as any who cross them have met their end, and the Vipers – run by Slinger, the only surviving gang leader from before the NCR eradicated the gangs.

Rumors of the gangs have spread, particularly of the fiend leader, Hidebarks. The Fiends were drugged up thugs who would take pot shots from distance or attack up close in a drugged fueled frenzy. Any trained and organised unit could usually beat off a Fiend attack, but the past few weeks had been different, the fiends were moving faster, further and using organised tactics. This was all thanks to Hidebarks, a ruthless and brutal man who before now had never been heard of. He fought like a warrior who was born to fight and dominate, but with no record of him having served with the NCR army or mercenary groups, no one knows where he came from.

Slinger, leader of the vipers is a name feared by everyone in the Mojave. The NCR had a large bounty on his head and is rumored 100’s of bounty hunters and hired mercs met an unpleasant end in their hunt for him. A slippery character who always seems to be one step ahead, it’s rumored he has performed assassinations in the past if the caps where right. The vipers have been described as an evil 1st recon, as they don’t attack like the other gangs would – head on, no, the Vipers were patient, they hide and wait until their victims are right on top of them, and then they spring their trap. The Vipers were also known for their marksmanship and it is said, the lucky victims of the vipers were also taken out from distance, totally unaware...they were the lucky ones.

The scorpions and jackals were as ruthless as the others, expanding their territory and relentlessly raiding and pillaging. When at the wrong end of a raid from these gangs, it felt more like trying to fight of an army than a small gang. The firepower these gangs had gathered in the past weeks had really given them an advantage over the locals.

The Novac scouts came into contact with nearly all these gangs on their journey to Gun Runners. The scouts would hide if there was any sign of a gang and any skirmishes were usually small as the scouts didn’t appear to have much to loot. Stimpacks proved to be the scout’s most valuable resource. They were sure that without them they would not have made it this far. Stimpacks were a med-tex creation, using stem-cell technology to heal wounds on the go. They didn’t do much good for victims of explosions though, as the scouts learned after losing some of their numbers to grenades and booby traps.

The scouts took a beating on their way to the gun runners, battles and malnourishment had taken its toll. The amount of travelers they spotted on the road had dramatically decreased in the past week, whether most people had left the Mojave by now, or the raiders were picking more of them off, the scouts needed to get to the Gun Runners soon. Stimpacks could only be used once, a visit to a doctor or auto-doc were the only options you had if you have already used one, and most of the scouts had used one after contact with gangs. Arcade Gannon was the last known Doctor in the area to leave, so fixing the auto-docs would be Novac’s top priority when the scouts returned.

After a week or travel, the scouts reached the Gun Runners camp. From a distance it looked busy, not like the Crimson Caravan Company. Armed guards surrounded the camp, but this was normal for the Gun Runners.

The scouts approached the Gun Runners camp. Out of nowhere there was a loud barrage of bangs...and suddenly the scouts dropped to the ground and pulled their weapons – Gun shoots where coming from the Gun Runners camp.


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