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As the scouts looked around to see where the shots came from, they noticed the Gun Runner Guards still standing, seemingly unconcerned about the sudden gun fire. The gun runners had fired off warning shots at the scouts and by the time the scouts had realised what was going on, the Gun Runners had surrounded them. Just like at Crimson Caravan, they were relieved of their weapons and searched for anything that may affiliate them as gang members. After explaining who they were and what they wanted, the scouts were invited inside.

The scouts had never seen anything like this; both the Crimson Caravan Company and Gun Runners were in full defence mode and pointing guns at potential customers. The Mojave couldn’t be any more on edge, no one trusted anyone.

The Gun Runners, although obviously worried about attack, seemed to handle the situation very well. The Gun Runners appeared more like a military unit than a trading business. It wasn’t always this way though, before the arrival of their new boss the Gun Runners locked themselves in a fortified building and all transactions where done via an armed security bot. The new Boss had turned them into soldiers.

The man sent to run the New Vegas branch of the Gun Runners went by the name of – Curtis. No one knows much about him, as he never talked much about himself, his own men don’t even know his second name. Curtis was employed by the Gun Runners 4 years ago, and has made a very successful career out of it, having being promoted again and again for his efficiency and determination to get things done. He came across a bit ruthless, someone who would never accept defeat.

The NCR had taken an interest in Curtis, who was noticed for his skill in battle. After trying to do some background research on him, the NCR realised they couldn’t find any record of him from before he joined the Gun Runners. He was clearly a warrior, someone who had been involved in combat all his life, but yet no record was found of him having served with the NCR army or any Mercenary groups in the territory. Never the less, the NCR had plans for Curtis. The Gun Runners crafted the finest weapons anyone had ever seen, thanks to their pre-war schematics they kept under lock and key. If the NCR could convince the Gun Runner to supply only them, then the NCR would have the best equipped army in old world America and no one would be able to match them. It was believed that Curtis, being a man of combat, would be the man to arrange this, and so the NCR put in place meetings to make a deal...this was abruptly interrupted by the recent NCR defeat by the Legion at the 2nd battle of Hoover Dam.

Behind the scenes another war was brewing. The schematics the Gun Runners used to craft their weapons had gone missing a few weeks past during the chaos of the Legion attack at the Dam. No one knew were they had gone, until a few days later the Crimson Caravan Company started producing higher quality weapons. Curtis was sure that Mclafferty had taken them. By now it was common knowledge that the Gun Runners and Crimson Caravan Company were fighting each other. Both companies would raid each others caravans to steal shipments to sell for themselves...but as yet both companies haven't been daring enough to full on attack the other at their base. One thing was for sure, Curtis wanted those schematics back, and he was the type of man who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals...maybe that's why Mclafferty was so on edge?

Although at war with each other, both trading companies still try to maintain their professionalism and won't be seen fighting in front of any customers, and as such they tend to avoid each other around Novac and have been told to ignore one another while in Novac. Novac may reduce the rate of pay per shipment if there is fighting in or around the town.

Curtis didn’t make the scouts wait long, he soon arrived to great them, with a firm hand shake and a short hello, he really didn’t waste any time. The scouts explained their situation and told the Generals story. Curtis was a hard man to read, although he did seem more interested in the story of the General rather than the caps he could make from this deal. The scouts didn’t barter for a price as they did with Mclafferty of Crimson Caravan Company, Curtis didn’t seem the type to like having his time wasted, so when Curtis gave his price, the scouts agreed.

The Gun runners were to supply Automatic weapons, ammo, medical supplies and some food supplies. The town of Novac was to pay a lump sum for each delivery to the Gun Runner who delivered the shipments.

Once the deal was made, Curtis gave the scouts an armed guard back to the main road, from there they would have to make it back to Novac on their own. The guards talked more than Curtis did and explained how dangerous the area was, with at least 2 gang hideouts thought to be nearby.

The scouts had done the impossible. They travelled from one end of the Mojave to the other and most had survived to tell the tale. They established trade routes with both companies and gathered Intel on the area which would be vital to helping them survive. Whether they would survive the journey back home or not, it didn’t matter to them, they had given Novac everything they would need to defend themselves.

Days later and the scouts did return. As they approached Novac the adrenaline pumped, they saw themselves invincible, hardened warriors after what they had been through. Upon through the entrance to the town they were suddenly reminded of just how bad things where...Towns folks fighting over scraps, men with pistols trying to fight of heavily armed gangs. The scouts’ mission wouldn’t compare to the task ahead.

The towns spirits where lifted to see the return of most of their comrades, and the Novac people couldn’t believe they had been so successful. Novac would now have the tools it needed to defend, rebuild and thrive. And even with the threat of Legion looming over the Mojave, a strange atmosphere flooded through the town, a feeling nearly all who lived there had forgotten...Novac began to hope.

But would hope ever be enough?

Because... war, war never changes.


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