Review: SAG MPC v1 Plate Carrier

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Here’s the latest review from Operator7 for you:

Getting a good rig is rather a complex process, since there are tons of models and loads of makers. Also pricing is quite important since a nice rig costs quite a few bucks, its important you try and get it right the first time. Also, it will depend on your personal needs and tastes if you want to go with something lighter like a chest rig or if you want more load bearing options and choose to go for a plate carrier. In between you’ll find a lot more variations and models of vests.

Usually if it’s hotter and you want to travel light, you would choose a chest rig, but if you are going out to one of those multi-days event where you need to haul all your gear and stuff with you during the duration of the game then you might want to look into a Plate Carrier (PC), especially on with lots of MOLLE! Also if it’s cold where you are playing then a PC will also be advisable since it will also help to keep you warm.

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