Velcro Without the Noise, and Fresh Balls Trousers!!

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That's right: Velcro, only without its annoying noise is what a company called Fighter Design LLC ( ) suggests, with this small addition to our Velcro pockets: the Silent Magnetic Closures:

So what they did was wrap in Velcro small magnets and then all you have to do is place two on each pocket, and bye bye Velcro noise! Ingenious!
Then they've also created a very cool and fresh pair of trousers called Airflow Pants based on Airflow Technology.

This creates a very nice and welcome inflow of air into the pants so that your legs and crotch can breathe on the most hot days:

Airflow Technology™ is not a term normally associated with pants. That's because Fighter Design wasn't just called upon to build a uniform set of trousers. Here's the story: We were told that our warriors needed solutions for the heat. Clothing was a big part of the problem, so that's where we went to work. After over two years of development, we launched our first generation of Airflow Technology™ Pants. How does it work? The new technology creates an Active Airflow System™ that actually pulls and circulates fresh air across your skin. The secret to staying cool is letting the skin do it's job better by drastically improving the evaporative cooling process using increased airflow. That's the science

So go ahead and check out this very promising company which hopefully will one day also supply the Airsoft community!



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