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After much speculation and a very long waiting period the A&K M4 PTW finally came into the Airsoft market, this model is a copy of the 2007 version of Systema’s M4 PTW, according to what has been previously advanced by A&K.

First impression I had was a very well accommodated gun surrounded by foam so that the gun didn’t get scratched or damaged during shipping. The package includes the gun, a low-cap, a speed-loader and a Alan key to adjust the hop-up.

The appearance of the A&K M4 PTW is quite similar to previous replicas from Systema, very solid build, almost no wobble, the painting looks tough, has really good finish and comes with a very strong spring, shooting at 504fps in average with 0.2g BBs

Read the full review at www.operator7airsoft.com


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