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Previous article about our Submachine aroused a big interest. Considering we are completely clear about that matter we can give you comprehensible information. Let we bring it to the successful finale.

Option “Complete at home”

This is the cheapest way. The package contains the most basic components needed for assembling of the gun. You have to know that the gun doesn't have the parts which can be bought in Gun Shops(such as Green Sport, f.e.), or use things which you already have.

If you choose this option, you can choose a length of the Barrel and other items, of course.

The price of option “Complete at home” runs from 200 €. It is intended for users who have some components of the Submachine Gun and they are manually dexterous. The gun doesn't have any surface cover. The guarantee relates to all the components also in case of your own assembling which is not usual. We can help you with assembling, of course – you provide us needed parts and we assemble it.

Option “A Set”

If you want to acquaint with your Submachine really thoroughly but you don't want to hammer the pins and so, choose this option. You get half assembled product which needs to be screwed together. If you'll need any help with assembling, certainly we help you. You just add the Cogged Wheels and the Motor. Everything other is in the package included.

The price depends on choosed outer components such as Handguard or Stock. It costs, on average, 320 € (without the Cogged Wheels and the Motor).

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