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Hey everyone, here’s a full report on the JJ Airsoft Suppressor brought to you by OP7 in partnership with Airsoft Community Europe:

Ok, I know, it’s not supposed to be called a silencer. If we as Airsofters wish to be accurate, we should call this a suppressor because in real steel there are no such things as silencers.

Why? Well simply because there’s still no way to effectively silence a gun. Plus the gun is not the only thing needing of suppressing since bullets travel at sonic levels that will produce a very distinct noise. So to better suppress a gun you’ll need the right ammo and a suppressor too.

And don’t take my word on this, go ahead and read this article from Guns&Ammo and you’ll see what I mean.

So any Airsoft silencer from now on should be called a suppressor. First because they really don’t silence your AEG as you’ll see on this review and second, let’s get accurate, there are no such things as gun silencers! In fact, this term was invented by the Hollywood movie making industry, so avoid looking like a fool near your friends and call it by its real name.

Read the full review by clicking the link below.


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