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The Kriss Vector fever is here to stay. And I guess that the Vector’s makers KRISS Arms is aware of this and want a piece of the action.

I guess they don’t want a piece but rather a chunk, since they’ve recently terminated the licensing agreement with KWA and are now looking for a new OEM to produce the Airsoft version of the Vector.

But it seems that this hasn’t stopped yet fans and companies from doing some wild projects on their guns.

Proof of it has been the extended rail projects which has surfaced a few weeks ago and has now been taken to a DIY project shown here at a French Airsoft forum.

Interesting enough, this project involves a Madbull Spikes Rail which I had previously reviewed at Popular Airsoft, a suppressor and an AFG.

The project consists of refitting the handguard by chopping a big chunk out of it and then attaching it to the KRISS VECTOR.

Check out the whole project and more photos here:


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