Airborne Milsim Announces Tactical Primary MC-4 Course for June

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Airborne Milsim is back as promised and has announced that the next Tactical Primary MC-4 Course (Thats right, it’s a week long course, not a single milsim event) will be June 11th-June 16th, 2013 in Dunnellon, Florida. While the Saturday Op has yet to earn a name, MindGame Productions will be creating another in-depth Op. for Jumpers to face.

Those who attended Operation Varsity faced numerous challenges, from the elusive drug dealer who was finally captured with no time to spare, to the massive jungle environment and soft sugar sand that reminded ground forces that this was no day at the beach.

From jungles to drug dealers and more, Course participants will get the gambit of scenarios they may face in a true-world Recon force. Only those who bring their A-Game are encouraged to participate, as this class is grueling and not for your average weekend airsofter. Of those who attended the course in March, few earned their “wings.” Can you?

The Tactical Primary MC-4 Course is designed for those who have not jumped before and want to combine jump training with modern military simulated tactics. This will qualify the student on the MC4 Canopy as well as participation in military simulation training. The MC4 canopy is the U.S. Army’s high performance steerable ram air parachute for high-level assault.

In the military simulation scenario you will operate as a small recon unit. You will be given specific missions in which you will be inserted in to hostile territory with no support. You will have the opportunity to make several additional jumps at $50.00 a jump, if you so desire.

This course includes includes:

Primary Airborne Training for Students
Dynamic Shooting Techniques
Small Unit Movement
Infiltration and Reconnaissance Tactics
MC4 Qualification and Packing Instruction on the parachute system
5 Jumps from a C180, 1 jump into a mil-sim event, additional jumps are $50.00 ea

Jumps will start at 5000 feet, unless there is a weather problem.

The minimum jump altitude is 3000 feet.

Items provided:

MC-4 Training manual
Tactical Training manual
Main, MC4
A 6 inch Hook Knife (yours to keep)
Equipment Bag for Equipment Jumps.
Lunch, catered on the DZ, Mon-Sat.
Certificate of Accomplishment
NPTC’s distinctive “Xperimental” Jump Wings
NPTC’s distinctive cloth “Xperimental” Jump Wings
20% Discount on any NPTC, in stock equipment purchased during the course
Opportunity to strap hang on the Fri thru Sun of any Airborne MilSim or NPTC courses

Required Equipment:

Rifle (For safety reasons we will only allow Airsoft simulated weapons)
Full seal goggles
Woodland BDU’s – Mission Requirement but you can train in any pattern.
Military Style Gloves
Camo Face Paint
Military style Field Gear
Hydration System
Military style Helmet
Military style Boots

Additional Services:

We will have Video available at a nominal charge.
Additional jumps will be $50.00 each
Camping in the Military Temper Tent or the Hanger at $15 a day with access to full bath, shower, refrigerator and microwave.

Cost: $875.00

Note: In order to register you must fill out the registration form and pay a $100.00 deposit. Your registration is not considered complete until the deposit is paid. There must be a minimum of 6 students to hold the course.


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