Mind Game Productions hosts Tac Ops 8

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March 10th, 2012 -Orlando, Fl -- Mind Game Productions (MGP) hosted their 8th event in the Tac Ops series this past weekend, at CSENTRI in Orlando, Florida. Tac Ops is an 18+ only event, which places players in an 80,000 square feet facility used to train LEO and private security. Scenarios are scattered throughout a maze of hallways, offices, and cubicles.

Even though registration is limited to these events, 50 players showed up intense close quarters combat. Scenarios included protection of an HVT (high value target) while they moved throughout the facility collecting intel., protection of intel. from force, force vs. force, and a special appearance by a Geeky Pinup Model in a “chase the groom” scenario.

The next Operation at CSENTRI is from MGP's second installment from their Rainbow Six series, Operation: Raven Watch on April 14th, 2012. Pre-registration is located on their webpage www.mindgame-productions.com

Many videos are available from this event; check youtube channel's from Shwell11 and MindGameProd. For future events at CSENTRI and other locations, check www.mindgame-productions.com or find them on facebook.


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