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Airsoft International are not only an Airsoft goods distributor, they also care about the game and love bringing to dealers all over Europe new and innovative products.

ARF falls nothing short from this as its the first commonly available hit detector out there.

The system is comprised of a data receiver which is connect to a PC, on the helmet there will be a control unit which sends signals to the data receiver (up to 40 meters) and there are also optional hit detection devices that can be placed on vests.

Once you get shot on the helmet or on the vest, a signal is sent to your gun preventing it from firing. A sound will also be reproduced so you’ll know you’ve been hit.

Then you’ll have to go to the re-spawn area where a referee will have a magnet which will reactivate you weapon and allow you to re-spawn.

To achieve this, a small coded receiver can also be added to your AEG, so that the electric system is overridden when you are hit.

What the sensors do is detect the sound caused by the impact of the BB, and the player can have only the helmet sensor, or he can wear also the vest sensors.

The system is able to either use RF or infrared to communicate with the sensors, and sending data that will allow to generate for instance leaderboard, scoreboards and the such.

Also there is a grenade under development which will allow to deactivate all the systems found within a certain range. The range can be
defined on the computer.

I’ve found a few videos of the system working:


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