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May 5th 2013

Game at Lahnus shooting range in Espoo Finland. Moderated by PKS-Airsoft.

About 70 players showed up for the games and it was fun as usual! Although I'm getting used to fast action in CQB environment but it a nice change of pace to sneak around in the forest and try to out maneuver the enemy. There were some rain but nothing heavy or affecting the games. My SVD still needs a little hop-up fix, bb's still flying to the right.

The moderators seems to have improved because there were not so much empty time between games like it has in the past, so that's is a great improvement. Nobody wants to come out to the field and sit half the day in the off-game. So well done.

Again there were a lot of materiel filmed so a lot of editing to get it down to under 19 minutes. Of course there is still a few cuts that I could have made but I like substance in videos not just kill montages etc.

Enjoy the video and please subscribe, comment and like (if you like).

Here is a list of my gear I used during the gday!

S&T SVD AEG (Cyma)
- no upgrades
- PSO-1 4X24
- Lipo 11,1v
KWA Glock 18c
G&G 0,28 Bio BB

Load out:
-Blok-Post Gorka-?
-Chamelion SVD Sniper
Chestrig (OD)
-Russian Army Issue
leather gloves and
winter boots
-ANA Olive Bandana
-Russian VDV Long
Sleeve Telnyashka
- Alta Industries, knee pads

-ALICE belt with
Bianchi Holster for Glock 18c
and Condor dump pouch
-Loadmaster mesh goggles
-Bowman (replica) headset to hold
Contour camera (no radio)


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