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A few months back Mechanix Europe sent me some pairs of gloves to test and review. In this review i will talk mainly about the Mechanix M-Pact Coyote Glove.

Since then i've been using the gloves not only on Airsoft games but also in my everday life to better test the gloves. One of the first things i noticed on the gloves was the all around quality finish and that made me excited to use them and test them out, so let's get to the review part.

According to Mechanix Wear website the M-Pact Gloves offers full-coverage hand protection, features a rubberized grip on thumb, index finger and palm, and sonic welded molded rubber on knuckles and fingertips. High impact PORON® XRD™ in the palm absorbs more shock and vibration associated with repetitive tasks than its much thicker, traditional EVA foam counterpart.

All this sounds great and all, but are they comfortable enough to use for a full day? Will they protect my hands during an Airsoft game? Thats what i really wanted to know and i suspect you want to know that too.

Thanks to the breathable elastic fabric used on the top of the glove they fit tight to your hand without being uncomfortable and the rubberized protections give you the feeling that if you got hit with a BB in the hand it will not hurt at all and they will protect your hand if you ever do get hit.

Another great thing about the M-Pact is the reinforced and padded palm that provide good protection when holding a rope or grabbing vegetation while coming down from a small hill.

After wearing these gloves for several hours at the time i can definitely say that they are really confortable and although they keep my hand warm they didn't make me sweat from my hands to the point it makes it uncomfortable to wear them.

Despite being slightly thick due to their protection layers the gloves didn't impose any impediments to my movements during Airsoft games both in weapon manipulation or reloads , even reloading my magazines with BB's was a easy task while wearing the Mechanix M-Pact gloves.

After wearing these gloves for a couple of months both in Airsoft events and in my daily life, i still can't see any signs of wear and tear, i'm certain that in time they will start to show but for now the materials used in the making of these gloves where able to maintain them in perfect condition and after cleaning them they still look brand new.

Overall the Mechanix M-Pact are a great piece of gear and are really well made, since they provide a good level of protection to your hands withount being uncomfortable. They look great and best of all they are not expensive, for the high quality you're getting the price is low, at least that's my point of view and although Mechanix Wear launched a few new models since the M-Pact this gloves are still a great option for every player that demands high quality at an affordable price.


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YoLoL I'm diggin those, will they only be limited to european market or is there any retailer for American continent?

5 years ago

Txerra @YoLoL I believe Mechanix is or has an american retailer, because I bought mines in the U.S. a couple of months ago, and I agree with Operator7airsoft, its quality is supreme. Not only the protect you agains pretty much every shock or impact, but they are confortable, and you can still manipulate a touch screen like in iphones. I heard stories about people climbing a to a window and the glass came off and because the were wearing this gloves, the rubber bandon the fingers protected them from any cut. I'm very happy with them plus I bought them for less thab $25 with FREE Shipping using a coupon from I suggest you to check it out.

5 years ago

Txerra PS: Be aware of the fake ones they are selling in many onlin stores and ebay. They look pretty similar and even got the Mechanix Logo, but they are not genuine gloves. Here's an example:

5 years ago

Txerra PS2: Here's the link to the american retailer:

5 years ago

YoLoL Genial, gracias por la información Xerra. Por cierto, es bueno encontrar a otro Airsofter de habla hispana en el foro =)

5 years ago

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