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Real Action Paintball has you covered with the industry's best warranty for our products, and now, we've got your back if you shoot one of the hot new Scarab Arms guns, too. We've struck a strategic alliance with Scarab Arms to officially become the largest North and South American service and warranty provider for their mag fed paintball markers...and we handle their service and warranty work in the UK and Europe as RAP4UK. We even sell Scarab TGR 2 mag fed markers, so that you have even more choices about how best to explore this exciting tactical format.

We pioneered the mag fed format several years ago as the ultimate way to experience paintball: with markers that feel, handle, and look as real as it gets...and even operate with detachable spring-powered magazines that encourage real world round counts and reload exactly like M4/M16 magazines. Our players responded by supporting the Tactical Ten Paintball League, Operation: End War, and the many additional scenario games and tactical challenges we've put on to showcase the mag fed format.

And now, we're helping bring you another exciting development in paintball: the introduction of Scarab Arms mag fed markers, which utilize T68 magazines and have a high degree of interoperability with our latest generation T68 markers.

That interoperability is part of what helps us offer full warranty work and service of the Scarab Arms mag fed markers, so whether you buy a T68, a 468, or a Scarab, you know that RAP4 backs up your marker with a dedicated staff of armorers and technicians. While your marker is designed to withstand the abuse of years of full-tilt play in the toughest games, we know that sometimes things go wrong...and when they do, it helps to have a professional armorer standing by to get you back in the game.

That's what we provide for warranty and service work on our paintball guns, and now, we're the biggest provider in North and South America of that same dedicated service for Scarab Arms mag fed guns. We've even got our European and UK players covered. Just contact us to find the best way to send in your marker - you might not need to send in the whole thing - and we'll turn it around on our end just as fast as our armorers can turn their wrenches.

Because you need to get back in the game. Because we have your back, no matter what. Because we're Real Action Paintball, and we're glad you're on our team.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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