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Next portion of new products in our store. After deliveries from PDI Japan, BOLT and GHK we updated stock levels and added new products, including:

PDI - Raven Cylinder Set for M24

Raven Cylinder Set, designed for the M24 series replicas and the like, consists of reinforced and hardened steel cylinder and double-sealed cylinder head. With tolerance around 0,01mm has really tight setting and gives noticeable increase in performance of the replica.

PDI - W Hold Chamber Packing - TM VSR-10
PDI - W Hold Chamber Packing - TM AEG

High quality professional and all-season rubber HopUp W Hold Chamber Packing manufactured by PDI Japan. It was made with specially selected blend of silicone rubber (Nitrile rubber, 50 hardeness). When correctly installed it will improve the tightness and BB's performance.

GHK - GBB BOX Kit for M4/AR Type AEG

GHK Gas Blow Back conversion kit for AEG replica. Designed to convert AEG into GBB replica, suitable for all Tokyo Marui M4/AR series compatible AEG.
Gearbox has Bolt Stop and selector acting like in GBB replica.

BOLT - B4A1 Carbine - B.R.S.S.

M4A1 replica manufactured by Taiwanese company BOLT with patented Bolt Recoil Shock System. B.R.S.S. simulates replica recoil thanks to kinetic energy transfer from the piston to movable weight placed in a stock tube. This allows BOLT replica gain recoil similar to that known from GBB replicas. BOLT B4A1 is also equipped with mechanism imitating the work of the lock.


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