AKS-74N budget project / Part 4

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In this part I finally got around to repaint the metal body and to do some weathering on it. This was a very time consuming and de-motivational part of the project. The paint surface on the Kalash/DBoys is very hard and difficult to get off. Tried sandpaper and a dremel with wire brush but it was taking too much time. So I went to find some paint remover chemicals and was finally able to get the surface cleaned from the old paint. But it was a messy job!

There were a lot of different tries to get the weathering right and a few re-sprays before I was satisfied. And I got to try a few different techniques including polishing and dry brushing. So all in all I learned a lot and for next time I know better.

So here is the video of some of the different techniques I used. Hope it will help some of you on your projects.


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