Mind Game Production Gears up for Operation Raven Watch

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Creation date April 02, 2012
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With just under two weeks to go, Mind Game Productions is in full planning mode for Operation Raven Watch. ORW is MGP's second event in the Rainbow Six series located at Cubic Defense Applications in Orlando, Fl will be held on April 14th, 2012. CDA is a large indoor/urban facility used for training of Private Security, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. While most MGP events are hosted in the CSENTRI annex facility, this event includes the outdoor urban training facility, including the infamous CQC ally.

ORW is based on Tom Clancy's Book/Game series that follows a multi country anti-terrorist group, a spin-off of the more famous Jack Ryan book/movie series (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger.) In an interview with MGP's XO, Brian Simmons, he explains ORW's theme. “The players will learn of a bold and aggressive terrorist plot that will develop depending on the initiative and success of their missions. Stopping this plan depends entirely, on that initiative,” Says Simmons.

Besides the addition of the outdoor urban Facility, Simmons describes the use of their decision tree system, “The outcome of the first objective will dictate what they will face for their second objective.”

While Simmons doesn't want to give up the plot, he does hint at some plots and events that will differ from most any event save maybe an elaborate MilSim event.

Registration is open, but filling fast. Make sure to register at www.mindgame-productions.com. For after-action reports, video, and photos go to www.merlinsblogspot.com.


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