National Airsoft Association in South-Africa (N.A.A)

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We require international assistance!

Airsoft is fairly new in South-Africa and needs to be registered as a national sport in our country under SASCOC (South-African Sports Confederation & Olympic Commitee).

N.A.A is a new association in South-Africa aimed at protecting its members and the game of airsoft in our country and to help promote it.

We do need help though! From an international point of view we only need to be recognized by associations in different country's that support our cause and would like to participate in international tournaments with us.

We will hand such info together with what we are buildin up nationally to present to SASCOC and obtain recognition for the sport airsoft we love so much.

PLEASE assist us in any way possible. A simple E-mail of invetation or recognition will go a long way.

Contact me:
Team website:

Kevin Nel
N.A.A Gauteng
Team Leader S.A.T.F Shadowkill


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