Modify Tech – MOD24 Sniper Rifle with Tracer Magazine

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The MOD24 is Modify’s first entry into the sniper rifle realm. It is designed to go toe-to-toe with other high quality sniper rifles without the high price.

The Modify M24 comes with many standard features that you would pay a lot for in any other gun. The internal parts are high quality reinforced units, pushing out a respectable 440-450fps, with room for upgrade if you desire. It has many adjustments that can be made from the trigger to the stock to fit any shooters needs and comfort. In every package is a translucent magazine with a built in LED for tracer use.

The Modify Tech MOD24 will be available in Black, Tan and OD. The weight is roughly 6 lbs and has a barrel length of 485mm. With testing the MOD24 shoots a great 450 FPS. With a wider textured trigger it allows users for a more sensitive trigger pull, and is easy to adjust.

- Trigger assembly is made of high quality metal
- Trigger is fully adjustable for pull weight and travel without having to disassemble the gun
- Equipped with a long scope rail that is removable
- Adjustable stock for length-of-pull
- Hopup unit is very precise, featuring very positive clicks
- Steel cylinder with metal reinforced internals
- Thirty-round magazine that can accept the included LED Tracer unit
- Translucent magazine with LED light built in for tracer use


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