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Probably one of the biggest announcements that stemmed from Shot SHOW this year, didn’t actually come from the Floor of Shot Show. Back in April of this year, KRISS ARMS, the switzerland based fire arms company that manufactures the popular KRISS Vector, announced the termination of trademark licensing with KWA USA.

The release of KWA’s GBB KRISS Vector was delayed several times and it’s release was marred by KWA’s inability to supply enough Vectors to satisfy the market. At Shot Show 2013, KWA had announced that they would be releasing an AEG version of the KRISS Vector as well as the SPHINX PTP, also licensed through KRISS. All these products were assumed to be halted when KRISS ARMS made the termination announcement.

In their press release KRISS ARMS stated, “As part of its strong commitment and support to the Milsim and professional training community, KRISS Arms will be seeking for new innovative partners in the airsoft industry to market its current and upcoming airsoft products.”

Following in KRISS ARM’s foot steps, FLASHBANG Magazine, who had just announced at Shot Show 2013 that KWA USA would be the exclusive US distributor for the magazine, also announced that they would no longer be doing business with KWA.

While there were no specific reasons mentioned in the press release for why KRISS ARMS was terminating the contract, they did however state that they would be “actively pursuing any infringements of its patents and trademarks worldwide, including unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas.”

Following these announcement, a large number of KWA USA Staff employees, many of who’s Facebook Screen Names included KWA in their title, announced that they would be leaving the company and beginning employment with KRISS ARMS. None of these employees would comment on to why or what transpired between the two companies.

Fast forward to today: KWA released a Press Release in order to clarify some “confusion.” KWA maintains that they have the right to market and distribute their KRISS Vector GBB and related products. Adding that the cause of the confusion included some remarks made by KRISS ARMs themselves.

KWA also stated that they are, “aware of such unfortunate statements, it vigorously disputes them and intends to take all necessary and appropriate steps to fully enforce its rights to market and sell such products.”

Request to both companies for comments have not been immediately returned.


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