Numen M04 Dummy Gas Mask For Paintball Airsoft Cosplay

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Series protective mask for the M04 nuclear war crisis
"Chiefs" M04 nuclear war crisis series is a developed independently designed by the players to create various types of gas masks for the source read. Combination of comfort, protection, coercion, highly material protective mask for the use of one of the performance,...using a light environmental non-toxic, tasteless shock memory composites, with explosion-proof lens, can be effectively guarded to prevent BB shells "paintball" intake can maintain visual comfort and brightness, and usage does not affect the visual judgment. In the case of wearing glasses can be used. Rational design of the mask according to the ergonomics, the ergonomics, the internal air circulation system, so wear comfortable breathable excellent and the lens should not fog! Dedicated to the war games, military training, and film and television shooting. Wear a helmet headset, and can easily cheek to aim and shoot! "Chiefs" selling is not just a mask but the military aesthetics!

M04 Dummy Gas Mask w/ Ventilatiing Fan
This mask is divided into two parts: 1 face case 2 filter poison pot
Filter poison pot internal for a complete set of fan system, after purchase first press the tank in the rear of the open, counterclockwise light spin covers and under the lid to disconnect the battery cover in good, good surface to shell and filter poison pot interface size hustle, insert the rotating card
Filter poison pot can according to the individual's aim habit, choose to install and face to the right or left of the shell, in order to achieve more comfortable aim of action
Press the filter poison pot behind the delay of the switch, can start fan to mask within the air circulation, rapid perspiration prevent mist
Cow with the characteristic of the emirates consistent design, makes the mask your wearing more comfortable more stable and more convenient

Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)


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