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9th June, 2013 at Lahnus.

What a beautiful day of airsofting!

Hot but nice, and I just love my Gorka-uniform. It keeps me warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot outside. And I was very cool in it even though my knees very wet under the knee-pads.

My SVD was ok, my hop-up seems to be all over the place, first it was too little at the off-game and during the game I had too much hop...
Anyone ever needed to "warm up" the hop-up before a game? It was good from last game and when test firing it was as no hop at all. So dialed it in and then later during the game I had to do some adjusting to get it back down, because the bb's were rising sky high.

There were some delay between games that I felt were too long and players were left to stand and bake in the sun, but the moderators were good enough and insisting on us to keep our-self's hydrated. There were a few younger players who did not have enough water with them and did not keep themselves hydrated so they had to leave the game early. Water is an underestimated part of the airsofters load out...

This was a capture the bomb game were each team needs to first find the bomb and them control it for about 10 minutes! The bomb was a electronic device built into a ammo-box with timer to see when a team reach the 10 minute limit. You get it by switching to your team color and keeping a button pressed. Nice with people building this kind of devices to better the game!

But I don't know who won the first game (in video) but I think it was the red team, though I'm not so serious about winning the games and only do this for the fun of it, it is always better to have a goal in the game than just a "TDM".

This was only a little part of the day, so stay tuned for some M24 scope-cam video coming next!


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