2013 US Airsoft Expo Highlights

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“The City of Bridges” AKA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, played host to this years US Airsoft Expo hosted by John Lu. Also known as Weekend of Heroes, this convention originally featured model action figure enthusiasts and saw 3,000 people in its hay day. This year, rows of tactical gear and airsoft replica manufactures took the leading role as droves of veteran and perspective airsofters alike lined up to see the latest and greatest that the industry had to offer.

ShotShow is to firearms (and Airsoft) is what the US Airsoft Expo is to Airsoft with the exception that it is not limited to Industry Insiders and the expo is geared specifically towards the customer community base. Recent economic troubles did overshadow the expo however, and Spartan Imports, Palco Sports and KWA USA were noticibly absent.

Those who did not let this deter them were rewarded by the presence of corner stone companies such as Elite Force, VooDoo Tactical, OLCMSS, and MindGame Productions, and up and comers such as Valken Sports and BB Bastard. Vendors such as Airsoft Armory, War Den Airsoft, and Valhalla Airsoft also provided Expo goers with instant access to products the saw at the corporate booths.

Con Goers also had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, as several classes such as Gear 101/Advanced Gear hosted by MindGame Productions, Darkthreads.com and Greg Bothers from OLCMSS. MindGame Productions and Outside The Box Productions also lended their expertiese in Nation Ops for players who were preparing to attend one in Prepardness for Nation Ops or for those who wanted to organize a national ops in Considerations for Running National Ops. Ever wanted to learn how to market your future or current airsoft store? Maybe wanted to just learn the behind the scenes of how the retailers market? AirSim Media hosted a seminar in Marketing for the Retailer.

The biggest news from the Con might not have been a new product however, although Elite Force’s Berettas and Tevors were pretty dang tacticool. Some of the major event organizers got together over the weekend and discussed the possibility of replacing the FPS requirements with Joules limit. Make sure to come back here to get the whole story. on that aspect.


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