No Nonsense Airsoft Milsim Event Review and Video

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So it came and it went, my trusty batman Wayne and I went up to Scotland to attend the NNA event at section 8. After a long slow drive up we arrived onsite and were ushered in and greeted by a young and enthusiastic gaggle of marshalls. One tent later and its time for a relaxing drink around the fire, talking crap and sharing a snifter or two of sherry.
Saturdays milsim game was good however I wouldnt have called it milsim, effort had obviously gone into the game scenario, props and setup but it was missing a command structure and a good milsim needs a hierachy to work and get the feel of it. However it was a good day and i didnt witness any dodgy game play. We slogged on in the heat for a fair few hours and bombed back to the safezone at around teatime.
Section 8 is a huge site, pine plantation, can be treachourous underfoot, the forest itself is dark and overgrown, there is plenty of cover and it plays well. Work has been done on creating bases and structures and this is a site that is worth a visit.
Having just had a back injury and being a bit senior now I missed out on the night game and just sat and relaxed my weary bones. Jai Fraser handing out free meat was a bit bizarre. Its quite hard to visit this site and write about it without sounding like a name dropping turd. Yes, yes Daedalus ran the sunday game, Rab had his minigun out, Kenny was running around like a loon and I spent a jolly time talking with scoutthedoggie about youtube and the like rah rah rah
Sundays game was an open day, fast and furious for the most part, had one or two instances of minor tetchy play but with this many people (80+) on a hot day then pretty much par for the course and Ive seen much worse at other places.
A good event overall and very cheap at £35 for the entire weekend, lots of people to thank who did run it, Keith from NNA was pretty key, also Higgy, Ricky, Johhny x 2 and a host of other people whos names ive forgotten and who pulled together and made this happen.
Looking forward to returning in the future for sure.

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