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Keywords: Operator7, GBBR, IAR, M27, Umarex, VFC

A few months after the electric version , Vega Force Company announces the release of the gas-blowback replica of the HK M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), a lighter variation of the HK416 used by several military forces including U.S. Marine Corps. The M27 GBBR should be available in the next few days in Asia. VFC has been the undisputed leader when it comes To HK416 and HK417 Airsoft guns, and they extend their line with the new gas blowback M27 IAR released with original trademarks through their partnership with Umarex, all of VFC’s Heckler & Koch Airsoft guns will have the authentic H & K logo and trademarks.

Quick Overview
Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
– Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Markings
– Unique Serial Number on the Body
– Come With Bayonet lug for Attach your dummy Bayonet
– Polymer made Pistol Grip and New Design H&K Retractable Stock With Rubber Pad
– 400mm Metal Made Outer Barrel With 45mm Flash Hider (14mm CCW Barrel Thread)
– 280mm RAS Picatinny Rail Handguard for all your tactical accessories
– 30 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine
– Powerful Weapon Over 400FPS MUZZLE POWER
– Fully/Semi Automatic Shooting
– Infantry Automatic Rifle / Black Color Version


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