Airsoft in a SUBWAY at Operation Sovereign Fury

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MindGame Productions faced a dilemma while site scouting the Guardian Center, host of this summers most talked about MilSim event, Operation Sovereign Fury. How do we include this AWESOME subway simulator that is literally no where near the immediate AO? Both teams would be forced down the subway tunnel in order to just get to the two subway trains that are located at the simulators “station.”

While cool, this certainly was not a practical prop to use for a typical force on force scenario, and to give the subway to one side or the other and expect the other team to be able to overcome the fatal “tunnel of death” would be just ridiculous. However, MindGame Productions is no stranger to unique and challenging AOs. For example, when approached by Cape Canaveral Fire Rescue about using their burning building dressed up to be a Ship, Operation Black Neptune was born.

Applying what they learned from Operation Black Neptune, MGP crafted a scenario that is as challenging and valuable to the overall out come of Operation Sovereign Fury, as any single FRAGO might be through out the entire Op. OSF’s Black Mission(s) will allow MilSim teams to test their skills up against some real world operators, many of whom participated as cadre during Operation Neptune Black.

So basically, MGP is introducing an element to the Op that would otherwise have been off limits, to a specific group of teams who are willing to take the extra effort in proving themselves as a team. To register go to:


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